Social Signals for SEO

How important it is to work on social signals for SEO? Matt Cutts, Google’s head of search spam team, announced Google algorithm changes such as Penguin 4 (A.K.A Penguin 2.0.). This video shows that social signals has played an more important role in SEO.

Facebook Signals for SEO

Facebook Shares and Likes are important for SEO because they indicate that users are not only viewing your content but are sharing those in their network and are bookmarking it for future reference. Comments on Facebook indicate that your readers are getting involved in the discussions that you start. As with virtually all ranking factors, the authority of the Likes, Shares, and Comments that you receive will help improve their weight. Links from Facebook Shares, Likes and comments will impact on your website ranking.

Tweet Singals for SEO

In terms of social ranking factors, the number of Tweets you post is unlikely to produce any kind of benefit. Likewise, the number of followers you have will bear less importance than the authority of your followers. Mentions, retweets, and links within these disseminated Tweets are likely to have a big impact on your social media signals for SEO, so try to create Tweets using hashtags that are popular with a large number of high profile users.

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