SEO vs Social Media Marketing

When it comes to discuss “SEO vs social media marketing“, Google Engineer, Matt Cutts states to think it from a holistic view as follows:

One of SEO strategies is to add great, useful contents to the website. Social media marketing is a good tool to tell people about it.

The basic principle of social media marketing is to share the information. The fastest way to share a small piece of information is a micro blog website and popular real-time search engine such as Twitter, whcih provides Twitter Search updates its entire database of news and personal updates, also known as “Tweets”. Then, if you want to share a little more information than Twitter, Facebook or Google + is the social networking website that allows you to interact with other businesses and advertise your services about the information. Further, if you need to provide more detailed information to audience, then, blog is the social networking website that allows you to interact with audiences about the unofficial, casual, daily information. Finally, you need to provide official information about your services and company, your website is the Internet marketing tool that leads your audiences to purchase your products or services.

Definately, SEO is the most important part of your Internet marketing strategy, but social media marketing or networking is to enhance the traffic to your website.

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